Monday, July 5, 2010

Bennett Watson Bogle

Born June 29, 5:39 pm

8lb 13 oz
20.5 in long

practically perfect in every way!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a million years

life is crazy.

BUT I have been trying to be better at photographing all of our events =)
Here's what has been happening lately...Last month, we got a new puppy. His name is Spooner and he is adorable!

those pictures are a few weeks old. he is not so tiny anymore and the only growing faster is MY STOMACH! :)

my dad was in town this last weekend and took some photos for us... this is my belly at 33 weeks... time is flying by!

Is it just me or do the frontal view and the side view look drastically different??

Ty can't get enough of my belly which is super cute (especially considering the fact that I am losing interest in my waistline quite rapidly). He rubs it all the time and lays his face on it while we watch tv.

Ty has been working hard around the house. I feel like he is nesting more than I am! He installed curtain rods in practically every room of our house and hung all the curtains I picked out. And today he spent a good 6 hours on yardwork (planted grass in our monster backyard... we'll see how that goes...)

Life is good here. We just never remember to brag about it... oh- I mean blog about it =)

Til next time...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Tyson woke me up this morning to breakfast in bed- my favorite indulgence =) he made hashbrowns, sausage, and eggs and brought it to me on a tray with a long stem rose. I love that he can be so romantic!

I got him a box of chocolates and a gift certificate to a couple's massage class so we can learn how to do legit massages.

This Valentine's Day is extra special for us because it marks the one year anniversary of our sealing in the Mesa, AZ temple.

Being sealed has been such a blessing during the last year. I am so glad to call Ty my eternal companion and feel overwhelmed with the thought of spending forever with him.

In other news- I am officially half way through this pregnancy! Hooray! We are working hard on the nursery (which really means working hard on our den/guest room so we could clear out the nursery). Our friends Kathrin and Ryan are helping A LOT! We love them =) I'll post pictures when the room starts taking shape. I'm really excited about how its going to turn out.

I'll try to post ultrasound pictures and whatnot soon. Life has been busy lately but we are loving it!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Why is this crib bedding $300?? I love it!

Anyway- i think i have decided on this black crib =)
I love the 'jenny lind' style and you can get matching changing tables, bookshelves, etc.

I'm DYING to find out if we are having a boy or a girl, but we've got to wait another month or so. We always talked about wanting a boy first, but I think I have jumped ship. Obviously, we will be happy with either, but I just want to know already!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Baby

Haven't updated in forever... but we've got news!

I will post my sonogram as soon as we have hooked our scanner up to the new computer =) Our baby is the size of a lime and I am due in June!

I can't even tell you how excited Ty is. He literally said that all the stresses he was feeling went away when he found out we were having a baby. So cute! =)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We got back from Chicago this week so I'm posting some of our pictures here. The rest are on facebook =)

We rented this bicycle for an hour and it was embarrassing! There were no gears so we were going sooo slow! The joggers were passing us!! Fun anyway

We spent a few days at Navy Pier which was lots of fun! There are a bunch of rides and mini golf along with boat rides, a really pretty garden, FOOD and fun =)

We took a pirate boat tour from navy pier too. It was a lot of fun!

We went to a museum that was having a Harry Potter exhibit with artifacts from the movie. This is the flying car. You couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit, but it was super cool! They had everyone's wand and costumes and even the moving pictures that you see on the walls at Hogwarts. Super cool!

This is Buckingham Fountain. It was really pretty!

We made two trips to the Ghirardelli shop for ice cream! It was amazing!!

Field Museum! This is Sue, the most complete TRex fossil ever discovered!

Legend has it, if you get married in this church behind us, you will never get divorced! There is a crazy long waiting list.

We didn't take any pictures at the Art Institute except this one- an example of the Miniatures. They had about 30 of these little rooms with real furniture and decorations. Some were really elaborate. It made me want a doll house!

These are a few pictures from the aquarium. It was really neat! They had small animals like turtles and pirhanas and big animals like beluga whales and dolphins.

We had a realllyyyyy fun time! It was nice to get away from our usual routine and go somewhere together. We havent really had a trip since we've been married except our honeymoon and we really want to start travelling more. I'm excited to cash in the rest of our frequent flyer miles!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time Traveller's Wife

I can't even tell you how excited I am to see that this book is being turned into a movie!! Who else has read it? Who else wants to read it before August so we can see it together??

Sunday, April 26, 2009

jessie nelson bell- if you're out there, please invite me to read your blog! i miss hearing about your newlywed escapades.

Thats all.

oh- pictures of the house will be posted soon- i promise!

Monday, March 2, 2009

No Doubt

Remember these guys? The band that launched Gwen Stefani to solo artist stardom?
Yeah, I totally won tickets to the reunion tour this morning on the radio! Be jealous!
I called Ty to tell him and his exact words were "Well, there is NO DOUBT that you'll have to find someone else to go to this concert with you."
Any super fans out there? Anyone? Bueller?
My birthday is off to a great start!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Those Who Can...

I love my job.

One of my sweet angel boys wrote me a letter for Valentine's Day that was just so cute and I wrote him a thank you card for it on fancy stationary. Ever since, he has been writing me "thank you for the thank you" letters about once or twice a week.

Today, it was sealed in an envelope from home that he had decorated with flowers.

Dear Mrs. Bogle,
think you for the litter you sent me. I love you as a teacher and you are the Best and most cind teacher I ever hade. I love you as a techer more than the galexey and more than that. Love Derek

My job here is so much fun. I've been thinking about trying to get a job in the Laveen district once we move, but I can't imagine leaving this school and these kids and my humongous classroom. I guess we'll just see what happens.

Speaking of Laveen, we should be closing in the next week or two... Our official closing date isn't until March 20 but we should be moving before spring break as long as there aren't any huge holdups.